The current ways to charge Electric Cars

Here are some ways to charge an electric vehicle, which explains the operation of the charging systems that are currently available in the fieldfor battery electric vehicles.This is how the Guide explains what each vehicle recharging mode consists of. Click here for ev charger.

Non-dedicated plug

The connection is made to a standard AC outlet of an existing electrical installation, without additional protections or control dedicated to vehicle charging. According to the publication, the vehicle battery “takes the electrical energy from the AC / DC converter (alternating current / direct current) incorporated in the vehicle”, which is why it is important to “check the electrical installations and verify the good condition of conductor insulation, earthing, differential protection and thermo-magnetic protection. Visit this site for ev hong kong.

Non-dedicated plug with protection and control incorporated in the cable

In this charging mode, the connection to the car is made through a cable where a vehicle charge control has been incorporated, which has a security system. The connection for this type of recharging is in alternating current (AC), using “a standard installation and plug and a charge control pilot is incorporated between the plug and the vehicle. The vehicle battery takes the electrical energy from the AC / DC converter incorporated in it”.

Dedicated plug

This is a connection of the electric vehicle to the network that uses a “circuit and control equipment incorporated in the charger”, incorporating the protection of overload, short circuit, differential, grounding and a load control pilot between the charger and electric vehicle”. “In this type of recharging, the electric vehicle is connected to the charger (wall box or pole type) using a special cable. The charger is the one that is equipped with an intelligent control that is in charge of managing the security and the charging process in conjunction with the control of the vehicle”, it is indicated. This recharging mode, together with the non-dedicated plug with protection and control incorporated in the cable, are the most widely used, since they present greater conditions of security and control.