Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery – Refusing an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

Congrats! Pregnancy after bariatric surgery can be an energizing and startling time. You endeavored to lose the pounds and now your OB/GYN is requesting that you put on weight. Extraordinary consideration regarding supplement needs ought to likewise be tended to, particularly with gastric detour patients, because of post-operation malabsorption. My best suggestion is to remain in near contact with your Bariatric Surgeon, Dietitian, and Obstetrician. In spite of the fact that numerous parts of pregnancy are like non-surgery patients, there are explicit requirements for post bariatric people that ought to be tended to and followed all through pregnancy.

During each pregnancy, your Obstetrician will arrange an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) at 28 weeks. I might want to concentrate on this point on the grounds that OGTT is are as yet being arranged for Gastric Bypass patients. You, as the patient, should be instructed on the entirety of your choices. An OGTT can be an issue for post-operation gastric detour patients in view of their failure to ingest a lot of straightforward sugars, which may cause dumping disorder. Normally, 50 grams of glucose is given to a patient to assess how the individual endures a serious sugar load, assisting with screening for gestational diabetes. This measure of straightforward sugar could make a detour tolerant ‘dump’ and hence slant lab esteems erroneously low. As the patient, you presently feel frightfully sick AND the test is not precise!

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Not all patients experience dumping disorder and a few people are far enough out of surgery (>18months) that they may endure an OGTT. Be that as it may, current suggestions are to request that your obstetrician screen your own glucose levels and check Hgb A1C (if this just seemed like an unknown dialect, print off this page and take it with you to your next arrangement). You should get a glucometer (glucose observing pack) and check your blood sugars when you first get up toward the beginning of the day (fasting glucose) and 2 hours after a supper (post-prandial glucose). This will give gastric detour patients progressively exact documentation when screening for gestational diabetes.

Correspondence between your Obstetrician and bariatric surgery hospitals in hyderabad group is Essential! Each patient is individual and has diverse resistance levels after surgery, counsel your Bariatric Dietitian if your Obstetrician arranges an OGTT.  In the event that you neglect to agree to your specialist is or dietician’s suggested diet and exercise routine, it might prompt weight put on significantly after weight reduction surgery and could cause other related medical issues. Along these lines, make a point to talk with your specialist as well as dietitian before advancing through the periods of your post surgery bariatric diet.