The fewer, the better: Benefits of small hotels

The fewer, the better: Benefits of small hotels

When planning out for the business trip, accommodation would be the top priority in their list. There are many accommodating options available, but the small hotels are becoming more popular due to its high-end services, unique design, latest technology and many more. If you are looking for the authentic experience of living, then consider mini hotels in causeway bay accommodation. These hotels have only fewer rooms but give you a comfortable stay. The benefits of staying in small hotels are many compared to traditional large hotels.

Unique style:

Grand hotels are fully commercialized, and you could not find any personalized settings over there. It is usually like all other grand hotels where you get the same experience. But the hotel in causeway bay cultivates unique personality. The owner uses unique themes to their hotel. You will enjoy seeing the settings around the hotel. The furniture and other décor arranged properly.

Quality services:                                                                                   

You will get the best service in small hotels. Due to the small size, they easily focus on each customer and offers quality services. It is not possible in grand hotels as you are one among the thousands of customers. The staff members are friendly, and you will get personalized attention.

More value for money:

The surprising factor of small hotels is they often offer a lot of services compared to the large hotels. They are very much cheaper compared to the large hotels. But you could access Wi-Fi, TV, Housekeeping service, and many more amenities.

Boutique Hotels – Trendy and Fashionable Way of Living

Boutique hotels, a term in vogue right now, however what it is, and is it a small size or facilities or location? Well it’s the blend of all the factors and much more. Boutique hotels perform in a same way as regular hotels and offer same product to their residents, customers & patrons still they are very different from regular hotels in a lot of ways. All these differentiations make boutique hotel Sai Ying Pun unique and can extract equal and higher revenue.

Why they are so unique?

Location plays an important role for the hotels success. The boutique hotels need metro city or down town place for maximizing the returns. The resorts boutique hotel Sheung Wan need prime location. The fact explains concentration of the boutique hotels area.

the hotel can be called as the boutique product when it has around 3 – 150 rooms. But, some in this industry feel that size of a property must not be more than 100 rooms, however, with an entry of the large chains in the segment, size factor is diluted largely.

Success of the boutique product depends highly on quality of the experience it provides to their guests. Such experience is a resultant feel of your senses, that is, what you will see, hear, taste and feel. Explicitly, it should evoke “Wow” factor from the point of exposure. Such aspect of the development of boutique property is a tough one. This involves creating the mood, environment and ambiance that can add uniqueness to its experience.