iPhone Batteries Replacement Procedure

So your iPhone battery has quit holding a charge. You are currently faced with the dilemma of how to get it fixed. Do you attempt to replace it yourself or take it back to the Apple store and look out for them to fix it? On the off chance that you are a do it without anyone else’s help type of person, then this article is going to tell you exactly how to replace that battery yourself.

Step 1 – Back up the entirety of your data.

Step 2 – There is a little hole next to the headphone jack. Locate that hole and pop your sim plate out by pushing on the hole with a needle or the end of a paper cut.

Step 3 – Locate and remove the two little screws next to the dock using a little Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 4 – Using a spudger placed gently between the chrome ring and the showcase glass directly above one of the screw holes iphone 換電, very gently separate the presentation from the back panel.

Step 5 – Lift the panel away from the dock being very careful not to break any ribbons that are on the other end.

Step 6 – Use one hand to hold the showcase panel and the other to disconnect the dark ribbon #1

Step 7 – Gently rotate the presentation assembly until it is practically vertical to permit easier access to other ribbons.

Step 8 – Disconnect BLACK ribbon number 2 using a spudger.

Step 9 – Use your spudger to flip the white plastic tab up about 90 degrees so it releases the last ribbon cable

Step 10 – Slide the dark ribbon out of the connector and remove the showcase.

Step 11 – Remove five incomplete thread screws that secure the rationale board to the back panel, two full thread screws that secure the rationale board and the camera, and one screw that is under the Do not remove sticker. (8 screws absolute)

Step 12 – Unplug ribbon 4

Step 13 – Lift the motherboard out being careful not to hurt the ribbon on the underside connecting the board to the camera.

Step 14 – Unplug that ribbon and set the motherboard aside.

Once you finish going back through your steps, you can kick back and congratulate yourself on successfully replacing your iPhone battery and click https://heaterhk.net/pages/iphone-battery-replacement.